Sons Carl and Henry Batke with friend, Jacob Link

Sons Carl and Henry Batke with friend, Jacob Link
Sons Carl and Henry Batke with friend Jacob Link, St. Joseph, Michigan, c 1941, Photo courtesy Don Fredrick

About Martin Batke and Anna Lock

About Martin Batke and Anna Lock

Martin Batke and Anna Lock(?) are parents to at least five children. In their son Henry's death notice in The News-Palladium, Benton Harbor, Michigan, dated April 7, 1949, four brothers are named: John of Canada; Peter of Germany; Carl of Fresno, California; and, Fred of Stockton, California. To my knowledge Martin never came to North America. Anna traveled with her sons John and Henry and their families from the Port of Bremen on the ship Pallanza to Quebec, Canada and eventually settled in Saskatchewan. She homesteaded at Queen Center, Saskatchewan and became a British citizen in 1919. It is believed, but not proven, Anna died on October 31, 1939 in Saskatchewan and may be buried in the Elim MB Church Cemetery, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fred Batke, Declaration of Intention, 1921

In the Superior Court of Fresno County, California, Fred Batke, brother of Henry Batke, completed his Declaration of Intention to become an American citizen on July 5, 1921.

On the application he says he is 32 years old, a painter, 5 foot, 5 inches tall and weighs 148 pounds.  He states he was born in Chortitz, Russia on December 26, 1888 and now resides at 2181 Bardell Street, Fresno, California.  He emigrated to the United States from Le Harve, France on the vessel La Touraine.  However, prior to his emigration, he lived in Chortitz, Russia.  He states he is single and that it is his intention to renounce all allegiances "to Russia or any independent state within the boundary of the former Russian Empire."

He arrived at the port of New York on or about the 18th of October, 1913 and he states it is his intention to become a citizen of the United States of America.

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Image from Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, MF# 1666770, Item 2  from material at the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Fresno, California.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

John Batke, Canadian Naturalization, 1917

John (Johan) Batke, Henry's brother, was granted Canadian naturalization on July 10, 1917 by the court.  Henry Batke was granted his citizenship by the court on the same date.

Like Henry's papers, John states that he is formerly of Gortiz (Chortitz), in the province of Ekaterinoslav, Russia.  He is now of Queen Center in the Province of Saskatchewan and is a farmer.

On July 15, 1917 he took his Oath of Residence and his Oath of Allegiance in front of Commissioner, John E. Friesen of Morse, Saskatchewan.

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Source: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, MF# 2,294,909

Monday, May 31, 2010

Fred Batke, 1916 Canadian Census, Saskatchewan

Fred Batke is listed in the 1916 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. His entry is on line #50 of the above document for Swift Current, Saskatchewan.  Note Fred Link and family is listed on line 1.
Name: Batke, Fred
Place of Habitation: Shamrock; Township 14, Range 6, 3rd Meridian
Relationship to Head of Family: Head
Male, single, age: 26
Place of Birth/Religion: Russia, Lutheran
Year of Immigration: 1913
Year of Naturalization: 1916
Nationality: Canadian
Racial or Tribal Origin: Russia
Can speak English: Yes
Can speak French: No
Other language spoken: German
Can read: Yes
Can write: Yes
Occupation: Farmer, working on own account, on a farm

1916 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Saskatchewan, Swift Current, 11; Roll: T-21945; Page 17; Family No: 215., accessed May 31, 2010.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Karl Batke, 1882-1970, Obituary

Carl Batke - Services will be held at 10 a.m. tomorrow in the Emmanuel Lutheran church for Carl Batke, 87, of 4404 Lyell Ave., who died in his home Saturday after a lengthy illness.

Batke, stepfather of Fresno County Supervisor Joseph A. Reich, had lived in Fresno for 56 years.  He was born in Russia.  He was a painter for 30 years for Jayne and Co. Auto Repair Co., retiring in 1954.

He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Louise Reich Batke; three stepsons, Joseph of Fresno, Dale of Norco and Elmer of Richmond; one daughter, Mrs. Anna Metzler of Fresno; five step-daughters, Mrs. Madeline Anderson, Mrs. Eveline Castelman, Mrs. Florence Likle, Mrs. Virginia Jameson and Mrs. Mary L. Lang, all of Fresno; one brother, Fred Batke of Fresno, one grandchild and one great-grandchild.

Interment in Fresno Memorial Gardens will follow services with Yost and Webb Funeral Home in charge.  The family requests any remembrances be in the form of donations to the church building fund.

The Fresno Bee, Monday, March 16, 1970.
Photo: 1941. Courtesy, Don Fredrick
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fred Batke, Death Notice, 1974

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"BATKE -- In Stockton, December 26, 1974.  Fred Batke, uncle of Ann Becker and Ann Metzler both of Fresno.  A native of Russia, aged 86 years.
Friends are invited to attend funeral services Friday, January 3, 1974 (sic) at 1:30 P. M. in the chapel of the MARTIN FUNERAL HOME, 446 N. American."

Fred is the brother of Henry Batke (1877-1949).  We know that Fred's niece Ann Metzler, mentioned in the death notice above, is the daughter of Karl and Frederika Batke, but who is Ann Becker?  It occurred to me Ann Becker might be the granddaughter of Anna Batke (mother of Fred, Henry and Karl), who traveled with her and John Batke from Russia on the Pallanza.

Per the Pallanza passenger list, granddaughter Anna Batke was eleven when she came to Canada in 1912.  In 1974, she would be approximately 73 years old.  The death notice says she is living in Fresno, California.  I have been unable to find an "Ann Becker" of the appropriate age living or dying in California.

Does anyone out there know who this Ann Becker is?
The death notice was located in the Obituary Index File of the San Joaquin County Public Library, Stockton, California.  It is dated December 31, 1974, but no Newspaper title is given.  The Obituary Index File had been microfilmed and is part of the Family History Library's collection, MF#1786746.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fred Batke, Canadian Border Crossing, 1928

On July 8, 1938, Fred Batke, age 35 and single, traveled from California to the port of Kingagnie, British Columbia on his way to visit his mother, Mrs. Anna Batke. The border crossing report states that Fred was born in Russia, but of German "race" and Russian citizenship. He states that he previously lived in Saskatchewan, Canada from 1913-1921. He speaks English, is Lutheran by religion and his occupation is a painter. He states that his mother is living in Kelstern, Saskatchewan. When asked to give the name and address of his nearest relative from the country from which he has come, he gives his brother, Karl Batke, 2749 Holly Street, Fresno, California. He has $30.00 and is traveling into Canada via the highway. This could mean that he is either in a car or on a bus. The last column on the form reads: "Action Taken. State whether admitted as immigrant or non-immigrant or rejected. If rejected give cause and state of appeal entered." Everyone else on page 194 of the boarder crossing document is listed as "admitted." At the end of the Fred Batke's row, it says "on appeal." It is not clear from this document whether he was able to visit his mother, Anna Lock Batke, or not.
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Fred Batke, Canadian Border Crossing, 1930

This is a second entry showing Fred Batke crossing into Canada, this time at Climax, Saskatchewan. Dated April 24, 1930, Fred states that he is a "son" visiting his mother Mrs. Annie Batke in Kelstern, Canada. He is 41, born in Russia, from California and going to Saskatchewan. This time he is listed as an American citizen. He gives his "race" as Russian and says he was in Canada before, between 1913-1921, at Queen Center, Saskatchewan. He again states he speaks English, is a Lutheran, but adds farmer to his occupation of painter. But, instead of listing his brother as the nearest relative from the country he is coming from, he lists his mother again. He states he is carrying $200.00 and has $350.00 in personal effects.   He again is traveling by highway.  This time the document states he is admitted as an "immigrant."
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Anna Lock Batke Naturalization Index, 1919

On page 400 of the List of Aliens to whom Certificates of Naturalization have been issued, Anna Batke and her granddaughter Anna Batke are listed. As stated on Anna Batke's Homestead papers, she was naturalized on December 4, 1919.

The website Canadian Genealogy Center states "Citizenship and Immigration Canada holds records of naturalization and citizenship from 1854. The originals of records dated between 1854 and 1917 have been destroyed. However, a nominal card index has survived, which provides information compiled at the time of naturalization, such as present and former place of residence, former nationality, occupation, date of certification, name and location of the responsible court. The index raely contains any other genealogical information.

"Records created after 1917 are more detailed, indicating the surname, given name, date and place of birth, entry into Canada, and in some cases, the names of spouses and children. The file will typically include the original petition for naturalization, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police report on the person, the oath of allegiance, and any other documents."

If we could see these papers on Anna Batke, we might glean more information on the Batke family.
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Carl Batke, SS Application, 1936

Carl Batke completed his Social Security Application on November 30, 1936. He states he is living at 2544 Tyler Avenue, Fresno, California and working for Holt and Van's Body & Fender Works, 418 No. Fresno, Fresno, California. He gives his age as 54 and his birthday as October 16, 1882 with a birthplace of Russia. His father is identified as Martin Batke and his mother as Anna Lock. Social Security number: 548-10-3883.
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Fred Batke, SS Application, 1938

Fred Batke's Social Security Application, dated April 14, 1938, shows Martin Batke as his father, the same as on Carl Batke's SS Application. However, a new last name for Mother Anna appears, that of Grantz. Fred is living at 131 East Flora Street, Stockton, California and he is working for Al P. Labrucherie which is located at 720 No. Eldorado, Stockton. He states his birthday is December 26, 1888 and he was born in Russia. His Social Security number is hand written on the form and appears to be 553-218-5828.  More work to be done to confirm mother's last name.
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Possible burial location of Anna Lock Batke, 1939

On the Saskatchewan Mennonite Cemetery Finding Aid of the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan, Inc. the Elim Mennonite Brethren Church Cemetery is listed.  The list includes 148 individuals buried in the cemetery located in Queen Center. On the list is an Annie Batke, born 27 Jun 1848, died 31 Oct 1939. I believe this could be Anna Lock Batke. More documentation is needed to prove this theory.

Anna Lock Batke Application for Entry for a Homestead, 1913-1920

Anna Lock Batke states that she was born is Jekaterinoslaw, Russia and she was a farmer there.  When she applied for the homestead, she was living in Herbert, Saskatchewan.

Anna Lock Batke Homestead, 1913-1920, page 2

This second page of Anna's homestead papers notes that Johan (John) Batke owns the northwest quarter of section 23, i.e., he owns the property next door. The document says she has no home on the property. It is assumed that Anna was living with John in his home in the adjoining property.  In addition, where you see Mrs. Anna Batke written in the center of the page, it is not her handwriting.  What is also shown is "her + mark" which means she could not write her name.  Page 2 of Homestead document.
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Anna Lock Batke Homestead, 1913-1920, page 1

Anna Lock Batke obtained a homestead entry for the southwest quarter of section 23, township 14, range 6 west of the third meridian in Saskatchewan on March 12, 1913, just seven months after arriving in Canada. On the document is says her age is 72.  Given the document was executed in April 1920, it would make Anna's birth year c1848.  In addition, next to the "Certificate of Naturalization" is written 2-12-19, which means that Anna became a citizen on this date.  Page 1 of Homestead papers.
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